Sit back and relax as Launceston's Deputy Mayor, Danny Gibson, sits down to talk all things health and wellbeing with Annie Burns, owner of Tisane Tea and Sanctum.

Tea... not just a delicious drop!

One of the most widely consumed beverages around the world, whether served at gatherings amongst friends and family, or in a quiet spot alone, tea can be calming, uplifting and for some... a daily ritual. With more flavours than you can imagine, there are countless ways to enjoy this fragrant drop.

drink up

Aside from tea being a deliciously relaxing and comforting drink there are also a number of health benefits from drinking tea, which depend on the type of tea leaf you choose such as increased energy, reduced inflammation, improved gut health and lower blood sugar levels. So do some research and find a tea that suits your needs, but above all, find a tea that you enjoy!

soak in it

What’s more relaxing than sipping a warm cup of tea? Bathing in it! Whether you’re looking for a way to wind down at the end of the week or have some tired and sore muscles that need soothing, simply pop your favourite tea in a diffuser or muslin bag and run yourself a warm bath, light a candle and feel the stress escape your body.

soothe your skin

Add your favourite loose tea leaves to a mixture of natural yogurt and honey to make a paste you can spread evenly across your face, leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can also add loose tea leaves to your daily face or body cleanser to create a gentle exfoliating and invigorating wash.

get creative

Tea can be used as a dye that makes for some great earthy toned watercolour art for your home or some beautiful homemade cards for family and friends. Mix it up and create different textures and patterns by using a variety of tools to apply the dye.

Special thanks to:

Tisane Tea, 45 Brisbane Street

Sanctum, 45 Brisbane Street

Danny Gibson, Deputy Mayor at City of Launceston

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