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Making Launceston Central City a people-focused, vibrant and magnetic hub.

What is Cityprom Launceston Central City?

Welcome to Launceston – Launnie for short.

The meeting place of three waterways, our beautiful valley has been a cultural hub and gastronomic centre for more than two thousand generations. The first to love this land were the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, who have one of the oldest continuing cultures in the world. Today, around 90,000 people call Launnie home. There are no tourists here – just locals and temporary locals still discovering their true north.

Our city is human scale. A series of green and wild spaces linked by heritage streetscapes and thoughtful adaptions. A real blend of old-world and new, tradition and innovation. We’ve honed our craft and aren’t scared to experiment either – there’s always something exciting bubbling away. Our natural and built heritage, food, wine (and spirit) have drawn together a diverse community of makers, artisans, storytellers and nature lovers from all over the world. Culture takes many forms, and we’ve made life’s simple pleasures an art.

Cityprom Launceston Central City was formed in 1988 as an agreement between the Launceston City Council and a group of retailers to encourage the promotion and development of the central business district of the city of Launceston. We work in partnership with our member businesses in Launceston to create a vibrant hub for people to live, work, shop, trade, learn, invest, engage, enjoy and experience. Using a combination of approaches and working with a wide range of stakeholders, we work to develop and maintain Launceston’s reputation as a great regional city. Behind Launceston Central City is a dedicated volunteer board and a passionate, productive and experienced team.

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