Time to un-hibernate and embrace the cool season.

Want to do winter differently this year? 

Beat the winter blues with our simple, yet effective winter survival guide filled with hints and tips that will have you smiling from ear to ear and wishing winter would never end...

It's time to get out and find the warmth in the City this season.

Add some Cosy Layers

Tasmanians are notorious for winter denial mode... we all know someone who dons shorts on days when the barometer can't quite make double digits.

Our tip:

Rug up and your enjoyment of winter will increase ten fold.

Think fluffy socks, woollen jumpers, knitted scarves and bright thermals... you can even leave your pyjamas on underneath [your secret's safe with us]! Layer up and invest in a great jacket that will keep you snug on a chilly day. Get your winter wardrobe started with our inner city retailers, here.

And don't forget your umbrella... The Old Umbrella Shop has plenty of options to keep you dry when the weather is having a moment.

Get lost in a Book

Who needs a passport when you can travel to a world far away right in your own home or favourite cafe. Sit back and cosy up with a hot drink and a great novel while you travel back in time, fall in love or set goals for the future.

You can find your next adventure at Nicholsons, Petrarch's or Koorong bookshops, or borrow one from Launceston Library.

Indulge a little

Winter is a time to spoil yourself and enjoy the finer things in life like carbs, wine and chocolate. Studies have even shown that eating makes us warmer... with that in mind, Gourlay's Sweet Shop and Cocobean Chocolate have plentiful supplies of handcrafted chocolate.

You'll find comfort food like a mouth watering steak from Black Cow, a hot wood fired pizza from The Metz or tuck into a big bowl of pasta at La Cantina while you dream of travelling to Italy.

For our pick of cosy winter bars, Bar Two, The Barrel Collective and Cinco Passiones can all be found along Brisbane Street.

Our tip:

Ask for a big bold glass of red or mulled wine.

Find Your favourite spot

If there is somewhere in the city that brings you joy and warmth, whether it's a cafe, your favourite shop or a beauty salon - go there for a pick me up

Suggested winter pick me ups:

  • Woollen blanket or soft cushions to add some warmth and depth to a corner of your home
  • Fresh or dried flowers to bring the outside in
  • A warm scarf to warm up your winter style

Or if you're a little more daring... try somewhere new. Explore the map.

Bring a positive attitude

The art of practicing gratitude can be a very powerful tool and just the thing you need to truly embrace the season.

So, what do you love about winter in Launceston?

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Un-hibernate in the city

Gather friends and family, embrace the chill and all that Launceston has to offer this winter.


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