Our advice for your best winter yet? Get outside, pull on a warm layer [or three] and enjoy the Tasmanian winter.

Winter is delicious in Launceston, but not just because of the incredible food made from local hospitality businesses, but because of all the things to see and do. Our advice for your best winter yet? Get outside, pull on a warm layer (or three) and enjoy the Tasmanian winter. Why? Because it’s warm in Launceston Central City! Seeing friends and family and getting out and about can make all of the difference to your winter spirits, especially when warm hearty meals and mulled cider are involved.


Views of the morning frost confirming it’s the start of a new day! What will today bring? See the fog lift as the minutes of the morning tick on, to reveal a snippet of the sun on a classic winters day. Exposing the beautiful views of the city, with so many things to do in Launceston this season.


Can you hear the crackling of a newly stocked wood fire in the background? The trickling of the rain against the window and the distinct laughter of friends and family connecting over a warm drink - It's warm in Central Launceston.


The aura of freshly cooked bread, coffee and croissants at the local cafes make for a great start to the day, warming you up from the inside out. There are so many things to do in Launceston, but what to pick first? Perhaps on George Street, where the iconic food strip brings out good feelings for the coffee and cake lovers of Launceston.


Feed your winter desires with deliciously warm food, whether it’s soup or a roast with crackling to make the finishing touches to a classic winter meal. Enjoy it with friends and family, because otherwise what’s the point? Finding a local wine or beer to pair perfectly is the next challenge, lucky that there is always a helping hand at one of the many restaurants in Central Launceston.


Wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee or tea are a favourite past time for many in the cooler months. There is no better feeling than being warmed up from the touch of something so simple, or maybe it’s not the touch at all because your hands are engulfed in a pair of deliciously warm woolen gloves! You can only get those electric warm vibes from the sense of touch.

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