Four souls, one woman, and three men are Marooned in a waiting room in the afterlife.

The revolutionary Melbourne play that’s not about suicide but about life.

They have no connection other than they have all tried but failed to take their own lives. They don’t know how they survived, but as time slowly passes they not only begin to yearn to go home but begin to fear that they haven’t survived. This fear and this want manifest into a hunger to live.

But despite this hunger, they are still here. Maybe there is something in this room that they must do or address before the gods will send them back. But what? The only thing in here is each other.

So why does the play work? Because even though it’s set in one room, it doesn’t shy away from the issues, instead the four characters travel through the darkness in search of the dawn and take the audience with them.

Afterwards people feel uplifted and often hang around for ages wanting to talk and this positive conversation is what we and many feel is deeply beneficial.

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Event Date

27 Aug 2021