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Discover the warmth in Launceston Central City this winter with a variety of wintery blogs, behind the scenes stories, winter video series, Toastalicious and more from your favourite local businesses in the heart of the city.

There are so many beautiful things about winter; crisp air, evening lights, rugging-up, hot chocolate and puppies in colourful sweaters. Embrace the cooler months; there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong jacket…

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Immerse yourself in stories, blogs and more that go behind the scenes of some of Launceston's much loved local businesses this season...

Winterlicious | /wɪntə-‘lɪʃəs/
To step into the embrace of the city, noticing the steam dance off a hot coffee, the cozy feeling of a merino scarf, hearing laughter from inside your favourite restaurant, the taste of crisp air in the morning after Bikram; embracing the season in Launceston.



Coming this July we will rally together some of Launceston's favourite hospitality venues to put their best toastie on the line, giving you the opportunity to taste your way around Launceston Central City this winter for Toastalicious.

Look out for posters in competing venue windows, pop inside and taste away throughout the month of July. Check out the array of venues and toastie flavours, try them out and vote for your chance to WIN a ‘Winter Staycation’ valued at over $600.

Voting opens this july

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With so many things to do in Launceston, where to park?

How about this? Free Parking in Central Launceston seven days a week!


Cityprom’s Free Spots campaign aims to increase awareness of City of Launceston’s existing FREE parking offer in some multi-storey car parks in Launceston Central City, Mon – Fri, 3.30pm – 5.30pm. Avoid the risk of getting parking tickets by taking advantage of this great offer!


  • Paterson Street East Car Park
  • Paterson Street West Car Park
  • Elizabeth Street Car Park (closed Sunday)


  • Every day from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Discover more places to park and get around in Launceston here.

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