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If it’s professional advice, beauty services or health options you’re looking for, then you are in the right place. Launceston’s various service providers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help.

Love Launnie Services, with over 250 professional, health and beauty providers right at your fingertips in the city centre. Whether you are seeking advice or a helping hand, Launceston has an abundance of experienced and skilled service providers.
You will find everything you need in one place from financial specialists to beauty therapists, health professionals and more in Launceston Central City.
Discover the city's services below...

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Breathing Spaces

One of the things architect Todd Henderson loves about Launceston is that it does seasons so well. Even in winter when the sun is low, it’s a ‘person-scaled city’, he says. ‘The buildings aren’t too...

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Beards Beer & Barbering

A bloke might not feel much like venturing out for a haircut in mid-winter, admits Barber On George owner Hamish Mackean. But the free beer might tempt them...

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Relationship Builder

‘Anything that makes Launceston better, we’re excited about’ says Steven Simeoni, who is Principal Director and Construction Manager of Tas City Building...

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Heart Brokers

Picture a finance broker and it’s probably a bloke in a grey suit, right? What you should be picturing is a group of dynamic women who wear their hearts on their sleeves...

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Make the most of your time in Launceston Central City [and avoid a parking ticket] with FREE PARKING seven days a week from 3.30pm - 5.30pm!


  • Paterson Street East Car Park
  • Paterson Street West Car Park
  • Elizabeth Street Car Park (closed Sunday)


  • Every day from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

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