Tisane Tea Room

45 Brisbane Street, Launceston, TAS 7250

Tisane is a small, boutique tea room in Launceston, specialising in tea, coffee and quiet spaces...

Tisane is a small, boutique tea room that shares it’s home with the already well established Wellness Centre - sanctum body skin soul.

Our aim is to create a retreat for wellness clients and tea aficionado’s alike.

Somewhere relaxed, quiet and comfortable - we hope to value add to the exciting dining culture already brewing in Launceston with our own twist on tea, service and experience.

Our goal is to be ‘enabler’s of connection’.

That is, to offer a space for people to connect with each other and with ‘new’ friends.

In a heavily tech driven world, we want to remind people that face to face interactions (over the right pot of tea of course) can enrich all our lives.

We also offer great local coffee, housemade hot chocolates, a large range of spice lattes and a selection of cold drinks along with local, handmade treats.

Viva la Tea!!


Phone: (03) 6333 8833

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