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Anyone can find themselves or their families under financial duress for a multitude of reasons! B Debt Free has been established to assist people through the stress and trauma.

How can we help?

Debt agreement

An option to stop further accrual of interest on unsecured debts up to certain limits. Repayments are based upon a household budget to ensure ability to meet the new commitment. A legally binding agreement giving certainty of repayment to both Creditors and Debtors. Ceases all legal action for recovery of debts.

It is likely you would qualify for a debt agreement if:

•You have not been bankrupt, utilised a debt agreement or given an authority under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act in the last 10 years

•You have an after tax income of less than $86,800.35 per annum

•You have unsecured debts of less than $115,733.80

•You have unsecured divisible property of less than $231,467.60

•You are insolvent

Note: amounts are subject to indexation

Debts suitable for a Debt Agreement:

•Unsecured personal loans

•Credit card arrears

•Disconnected phones

•Short falls on reposession/mortgage foreclosure

•Arrears in electricity accounts

You may still qualify for a legislated Debt Agreement even if you:

•Are receiving Centrelink or pension

•Have Court action threatened or pending

•Have a bad Credit record

Unsecured debt negotiations

An option whereby we negotiate on a client’s behalf with creditors to restructure existing repayment arrangements or negotiate full and final settlement of debts. This can be in conjunction with a re-finance package and may not affect debtor’s credit history.


The individuals circumstances and that of their family are paramount when considering any action under bankruptcy. Sometimes it is the best or only solution, to assist a client moving forward in life.

Re-Financing options

Contact us for more information on re-financing options on 03 6334 1477.


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