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Asian Street Walk offers traditional northern Chinese cuisines, spicy hotpot, dumplings and fruit tea. We aim to keep fresh food materials all the time and provide delicious healthy food to public

Northern Chinese Style Spicy Hot Pot

Spicy Hotpot is a common type of Chinese street food. It originated in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, but it differs mainly from the Sichuanese version in that the Sichuanese version is more similar to what in Northern China would be described as Hot Pot.

Spicy Hotpot is the perfect hot pot option if you want the freedom to pick your own broth and ingredients like hot pot without having to eat an entire pot yourself. It is individualised hot pot and is perfect for cold weather. Just like a do-it-yourself salad, you can customise everything about spicy Hotpot down to the seasonings, spiciness level and ingredients.

The ingredients you pick are cooked in a large vat of boiling broth in separate baskets. Each ingredient is cooked a different amount of time to be perfect. They are all combined into a bowl with broth and whatever toppings you'd like. Every ingredient has its own weight and the price of the dish is up to how much you want in it. Spicy Hotpot is estimated to be 68.47 kcal per 100 grams of calories, the high calorie level of Spicy Hotpot depends mainly on the raw materials. If there are many vegetables, the calories should be not very high. Common Ingredients: Sliced Beef / Lamb Fried Fish Balls Fresh Noodles Rice Cakes Pork / Beef Balls Lotus Root Vermicelli Quail Eggs Lettuce / Spinach Prawn / Octopus Dumplings Potato / Sausage

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