Home to many vegetarian and vegan eateries, with plenty of places that cater to meat eaters and vegos alike.

Vegetarianism and veganism have exploded in popularity over the last decade. There weren't always many restaurants or cafes offering options for those who undertook this lifestyle change; every vego reading this has probably been out for dinner with friends only to have the "vegan/vegetarian menu option" be a mere bowl of chips or garden salad.

Fortunately, this has changed! Launceston has come a long way in terms of diversifying what eateries offer, and there are now plenty of places either offering vegetarian and vegan food exclusively or adding a substantial amount of meat, egg and dairy-free options to their menus. Most cafes here now also offer at least one vegan milk alternative, so everyone can get caffeinated.

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Highlight: Veg Out

Veg Out is a 100% plant-based café and restaurant that started out as a humble food van, and now boasts two locations in Launceston. Their business is based on the philosophy of providing food for everyone, offering a range of options for those with allergies and not advertising their goods as explicitly vegan, but everything there just.....happening to be meat, egg and dairy-free. The true root of their success is that everything they serve is absolutely delicious, a feast for the eyes and mouth. From cakes, biscuits and slices to hearty pastas and burgers, Veg Out has truly mastered the art of selling vegan food to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Everyone who works at Veg Out is friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the goods they sell. The baristas craft coffees with an expert touch, and the chef lovingly prepares every plate that leaves the kitchen. The passion for good food is evident in every aspect of their business, especially their Instagram presence, where they show off their latest creations.

Veg Out is truly a gem of a restaurant, regardless of your dietary needs.
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More places to veg out

Mad Apple

Vegetarian & Vegan

Mad Apple serves exclusively vegetarian & vegan food from their beautiful restaurant. It's the perfect place for a lunch catch up with friends, and has the bonus of being pet-friendly. Get hungry by checking out their Instagram.

122 Saint John St
Open Monday - Sunday

Lotus Thai


Lotus is an exclusively vegan establishment (don't be fooled by the "prawns"!). They serve delicious, fresh Thai food with a focus on full-bodied flavour and authenticity, perfect for lunch or dinner. Take a look at their stuff on their Instagram.

138 Charles St
Open Tuesday - Sunday

The Metz

Has a whole Vegan menu

While they're not 100% vego, you might be surprised to hear that The Metz has a whole vegan menu that they run alongside their regular one! This is great for going out with a group of vegan and non-vegan friends. Scope them out on Instagram.

119 Saint John St
Open Monday - Sunday

Earthy Eats

Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Earthy Eats is a café devoted to serving the freshest local food possible, with a focus on sustainability. They frequently run Meatless Monday specials, and almost every dish on the menu can be made vegan or vegetarian upon request. To see their offerings, check out their Instagram.

19 Kingsway
Open Monday - Saturday


Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Inside serves so many cuisines, you could nearly take a trip around the world within its doors. Among these international offerings you can find many delicious vegan and vegetarian options, such as their Chilli Eggs and Grilled Corn + Haloumi Fritters. Take a look at their Instagram to see what they serve.

10-14 Paterson St
Open Monday - Friday

Burger Junkie

Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Burger Junkie is another restaurant that started its life as a food truck. They serve American-Canadian delicacies such as poutine, burgers and loaded fries. Though most of their menu contains meat, there are some terrific vegetarian and vegan options available. Feast your eyes on their Instagram.

105 Saint John St
Open Tuesday - Saturday

St John

Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

St John is primarily a craft beer bar, but they also serve up some absolutely delicious food- with plenty of vego options, of course. Their moody venue and delectable offerings of food and drink are perfect for an after work meet-up, dinner or even pre-drinks before a big night out. See their Instagram for more.

133 Saint John St
Open Monday - Sunday


Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Pachinko makes consistently amazing and creative modern Japanese dishes with an Australian twist, using fresh local ingredients. Their intimate venue is great for dates, small group lunches and dinners or one on one catch ups. Take a look at their innovative cuisine on their Instagram.

23 Quadrant Mall
Open Tuesday - Saturday


Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Alchemy has long been a favourite amongst Launceston locals, and now they offer a variety of vego-friendly entrees, mains and bar foods. Pictured above is their Butter Cauliflower, a delicious alternative to Butter Chicken that vegos and meat eaters alike will love. Feed your curiosity on their Instagram.

90 George St
Open Monday - Saturday

Saigon Kitchen

Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Saigon Kitchen serves authentic, fresh and delicious Vietnamese food to suit most dietary requirements. Their Bahn Mi is some of the best in Launceston, available with the traditional meat toppings as well as veggies, mushrooms and tofu.

25 Wellington St
Open Tuesday - Sunday


Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Firestorm is the newest eatery on this list. They serve tacos, nachos and sides (with multiple vegetarian and vegan options) in their atmospheric bar venue. With seating available at tables or on couches, Firestorm is perfect for group gatherings.

61 Cameron St
Open Tuesday - Saturday

Spice on Charles

Vegan menu available, also serves meat

Spice on Charles is very well regarded amongst Launceston locals for their delicious curries.
This Indian establishment prides itself on serving fresh food made entirely from scratch in their kitchen.

146 - 148 Charles St
Open Tuesday - Sunday

Indian Empire

Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Indian Empire is a favourite Indian restaurant to many Launceston families, and it's easy to see why when you taste their food. Everything they serve is fresh and delicious, and their vego options are no exception.

64 George St
Open Monday - Sunday


Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

Palki is another amazing Indian restaurant, serving authentic North Indian cuisine. The restaurant is tucked away in Yorktown Square, but it's well worth seeking out. Entrees or mains, Palki has vego options for everyone.

Shop 23 Yorktown Square
Open Monday - Sunday


Vegetarian & Vegan options available, also serves meat

If you're a fan of Nepalese and Indian food, then Nanglo is the place to go. With their traditional style momo dumplings, curries and entrees that are built for sharing, Nanglo is a great place to take a group to eat.

79A George St
Open Monday - Sunday

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