Sewing is a family tradition for mum of two Mel, who learned to sew from her mother and Nan.

Flossy Fabrics began as a custom fabric printing business running small batch, curated rounds of printed fabric.

Owner Mel had found it hard to source fabrics to suit her style and wondered if others felt the same. The answer was a resounding ‘yes’ and the business soon outgrew Mel’s home, prompting the move to St John Street in December 2019.

Sewing is a family tradition for mum of two Mel, who learned to sew from her mother and Nan. Continuing the tradition is Mel’s 7 year old daughter Ava, who recently learned to sew and loves being able to choose her own patterns from Flossy Fabric’s collection. “…sewing is such a great hobby, it can be as simple or challenging as you like, doesn't require much to get started, and it's a great sense of achievement.”

Those who have seen Flossy Fabric’s range are familiar with their extensive range of bold, colourful prints.

Together with Mel’s designs, the range has expanded to include fabric from Australian suppliers and from Europe. What really sets Flossy Fabrics apart is a sense of community - from the beginners that attend their sewing workshops through to small handmade business owners. “Our customers and followers are very active through our social media groups and support each other, share skills and tips, post their creations and inspiration.”

Flossy Fabrics started with a good foundation in online trade and this has helped Mel during the current pandemic. “…our customers indicate that they're using the extra time at home to get more sewing done, challenge themselves with new projects or even try sewing for the first time.”

Mel is excited to witness how businesses are adapting, “I think that the best way to encourage this innovation and tenacity is to support businesses in any way possible… through making a purchase, word of mouth, sharing posts on social media, giving a wave through the window as you walk past - it all helps keep us going!”

For those after Mother’s Day gifts, Flossy Fabrics offers gift vouchers and will be releasing a small collection of prints that celebrate motherhood and parenthood.

When asked of the best Mother’s Day gift Mel has ever received, the answer is easy… “A new sewing machine!”

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