"There’s a genuine family feel to the firm..."

By Fiona Stocker.

‘Anything that makes Launceston better, we’re excited about’ says Steven Simeoni, who is Principal Director and Construction Manager of Tas City Building.

He’s right behind the City of Launceston plan to develop under-used spaces, creating residential properties amongst the shops and businesses to boost the city’s economy.

Steven and his team were already making beautiful homes for clients who saw Launceston as a uniquely attractive place to live. The company’s best year put the count at thirty-three stylish apartments built.

While Steven earned his stripes working for bigger builders, he didn’t always like what he found there. Striking out on his own, he set out to make his firm the ‘good guys’ in building. ‘We get work because we’re approachable people, we price jobs accordingly and we’re old school,’ he says. ‘It’s not always about the dollars.’

The message that they are resolutely ‘not like other construction companies’ comes across loud and clear. Putting people before profits, relationships are the top priority - with everyone he works with from Councillors and clients to engineers, tradies and architects.

The drive to do the job right with integrity has won him work statewide, he believes. Where other companies might add on costs through on-the-job changes, Steven prefers to get the planning right first time and walk away with a quality job and a satisfied client.

Building in the city isn’t standard, he says. It requires ‘nimble thinking’. Having refined their skills across multiple properties, the company is now veterans to the task. ‘We know exactly what we’re doing now and what’s the most cost-effective way to do it.’ Steven is now able to produce perfectly figured plans for architects and project managers, delivering a property all parties can sign off on with smooth satisfaction.

There’s a genuine family feel to the firm, at the offices on St John Street where he and General Manager Karen are a comedy tag team, on the friendly social media, and in the company’s stated policy of send its people home safe every day. There’s a quiet pride in his voice when he talks about his team. ‘All our blokes are nice,’ he says.

It’s those nice blokes who are behind the signs on street facades across the city. Plus some nimble thinking and excitement.

Tas City Building 58A Elizabeth Street, Launceston.

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