Sarah Courtney talks all things tea and coffee, and finds out the secret to creating the perfect hot drink to warm you up this winter.

There's nothing quite like a hot drink to warm you up on a chilly winter's day. From Monk Pear to Earl Grey, cappuccinos and house blends, watch the video as Sarah Courtney talks all things tea with Cocoon Living Tea and delves into the world of coffee with Urban Espresso Roastery.

Hot drink anyone?

All things tea

You'll find Launceston's one stop shop for all things tea at 109 George Street.

Cocoon Living Tea has hundreds of teas and teaware and stocks T2 as well as a curated range of fresh and flawless teas including Launceston's favourite tea - T2's Monk Pear.

Bruce, the owner of Cocoon Living Tea has been operating this delightfully bright, quirky and cosy shop for 15 years and he knows a thing or two about tea. Here you'll find the perfect gift for the tea lovers in your life, or a new favourite blend for yourself.

Four tips for creating the perfect cup of tea

TIP #1: Use filtered water
Use clean, purified water that won’t add any other taste to your tea. The better the water, the better the tea will taste.

TIP #2: Water temperature
Some teas require boiled water while other teas like green tea are a little more sensitive to heat. (Although you can't go wrong if you're using good quality teas from Cocoon Living Tea!)

TIP #3: Steep for the correct amount of time.
Over-steeping tea can lead to bitterness. As a general rule, steep: black teas for 4-5 minutes, green and oolong for 3 minutes, and white teas for 4 minutes.
If you’re making a big pot of tea, use a teapot with an infuser to take out the leaves after the steep time. You can add the infuser back in the teapot if you want to steep the tea again in hot water.

TIP #4: Warm the teapot.
Warming the teapot helps to brew the tea properly, keeping the water temperature hot.

If coffee is your drink of choice then Urban Espresso Roastery is the place to go.

All of their coffees are single origin, organic and fairtrade, with some direct trade, meaning that the beans are bought directly from farmers. If Monk Pear is Launceston's favourite coffee, then its coffee equivalent is the cappuccino.

Owner Nick has made over 100,000 coffees and has perfected the art of the perfect cup of coffee over three decades. Nick recommends the house blend - Urban Espresso Roastery's ultimate blend of South American beans, served alongside a Portuguese custard tart or chocolate almond florentine of course!

Special thanks to:

Cocoon Living Tea, 109 George Street

Urban Espresso Roastery, 99A St John Street

Sarah Courtney Minister for Health, Minister for Strategic Growth, Minister for Women, Minister for Small Business, Hospitality and Events, and Liberal Member for Bass

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