"- from glasses with everyday price-tags to a more exclusive designer range."

By Fiona Stocker.

An exquisite display in the window of Reflekt is a treat for the eyes in mid-winter – literally. On crisp, bright days, sunglasses give comfort in the winter sun. And whether they’re prescription lenses or plain, they can lift an outfit and bring cheer to the wearer.

So says Angela Slama, one half of the husband and wife team at the optical dispensary on George Street. That’s a very technical name for what could better be described as an eyewear boutique.

Like most boutiques, the shop brings its customers delectable choices – from glasses with everyday price-tags to a more exclusive designer range.

The beauty of great glasses in winter, says Angela as she picks up an aviator-style frame with a rose-tinted lens, is that the tint is a little lighter - or even graduated. So you can wear your prescription sunglasses outside, and still read a menu at lunchtime.

Reflekt is no ordinary optician, and you won’t find eye testing on the premises. As a customer, you bring your prescription with you from any optician, or Angela can easily request it on your behalf.

Once at Reflekt, you’ll benefit from Angela’s uncanny knack of choosing the frame to suit you, and husband David’s skills in fitting your lenses into it with precision accuracy.

This he does on site and often on the same day (single-vision lenses are kept in stock in the upstairs lab) – while you’re drinking a flat white down the road.

A highly qualified optical dispenser and technician, David cuts and fits progressive lenses upstairs too – they’re ordered in from a family firm in Melbourne. This means he’s right there to ensure every element of your complex multi-focal prescription is fitted correctly.

Cycling your way through winter? He fits sportswear glasses with high wraps and has an array of lens options and tints to choose from.

The shop has a dedicated playroom where kids make their own fun, while grown-ups take their time choosing from an array of enticing frames. Even on a quiet winter day, with a unique range of stock and highly-qualified services, Reflekt is a jewel box for those who would love a little expert help with their eyewear.

Reflekt Eyewear 107 George Street, Launceston

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