Grab the kids and head into the city for some good old fashioned fun these school holidays...

Never hear the words 'I'm bored' again with our guide for kids in Launceston Central City. These school holidays will be jam packed with fun and laughter with 15 things that children can enjoy in the city centre. It will be hours of entertainment for the whole family, the hardest part is deciding what to do first...

1. Design your own frozen treat

Dessert is always fun, but it can be even more enjoyable when you get to play a part in creating your very own tasty treat! Pop into the Cold Rock Ice Creamery and pick your flavours and toppings while you watch your ice cream take shape, or visit 123Yo and construct your dessert yourself... be careful not to make too much mess!

2. Get a game for a rainy day

Be prepared for the next rainy day with a challenging board game or puzzle from Gamesworld Plus, it may stir up some friendly competition. Or try your luck building an empire out of LEGO or innovative design with Meccano from the experts in Toys at none other than Toyworld.

3. Catch a flick with Friends or family

Kids of all ages love to sit back and watch a movie with some freshly popped popcorn! Pop along to the Village Cinema in Launceston, get comfy and get lost in the magic of the big screen.

4. Check out the Sports Museum

Did you know that there is a museum in the back of Balls n Bumpers? You can browse through sporting memorabilia and more. While you’re there you can even pick up some new gear to support your favourite team – especially with AFL and A League coming to Launceston… Go Hawks!

5. Go on an adventure in a land far away

Get lost in a world far away with a new and exciting book at from Petrarch's Bookshop. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to point you in the right direction whether you are into fairy tales, sci-fi adventure or a non-fiction title to wow your friends with some cool new facts.


Enjoy free parking from 3.30pm - 5.30pm daily in City of Launceston's multistory carparks.

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6. Have some fun with water

The kids will love splashing about in the interactive water play area in Civic Square. It is a popular spot for young children to play explore. Just remember to bring along a change of clothes!

7. Take a trip down memory lane

While you are in Civic Square take a trip down memory lane with a trail of Launceston’s history engraved into the pavement. You will find facts about our City’s past that will wow your teacher’s when you return to school after the holidays.

8. Eat dessert first

We all love dessert and the holiday's are a great time to skip lunch or dinner and indulge in a little sugar! Try sweetening up your day with a trip to the local favourites Charlies Dessert House, Sabina’s Petit Gateau and Cake O’Clock (tip: the Japanese Cheesecake is delicious!).

9. Listen to the sounds in the city

Grab a bite to eat from one of our many cafes and sit back while the city buskers entertain you in Brisbane Street and Quadrant Malls. The busking program runs between 11am and 3pm daily, if you or someone you know would like to busk you can find out more here.

10. Watch a performance on the big stage

After a short break, theatre is back in Launceston. There is just something about seeing a show at the theatre that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and Theatre North have a calendar brimming full of events for all ages.

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11. Go for a walk back in time

Explore some of Launceston's oldest and most historic buildings with a self guided walk along Cameron Street. You will have some fund, whilst find out out some very interesting facts about Launceston's architecture and past. You can view the map here.

13. Visit the Library

For a variety of books, games and activities, the Launceston Library is somewhere you could spend hours... they even have a café so that parents and carers can sit back and relax, too.

12. Eat out with the family

Just about all kids love pasta and pizza, right? Well it just so happens that Star Bar, Plough Inn, Alchemy and The Metz are the go to inner city spots to get all your family favourites!

14. Shop til you Drop

There are so many shops scattered throughout the city that will entertain the kids from tech stores like EB Games and The Game Forge, through to novelty stores like What’s New & Smiggle. Even older children will enjoy visiting the boutiques to department stores to refresh their wardrobes from places like Venue, Edge and Route 66!

15. Go for a ride on the Tiger Bus

All aboard the Tiger Bus! Launceston's free bus service that travels the inner city and surrounds. Children will enjoy riding the bus to destinations around Launceston including City Park, Home Point, QVMAG, Cataract Gorge and the city centre. Find more information about the routes and times here.

Want more fun these school holidays? 

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