Register for Launceston Central City's cool season campaign

Cityprom Launceston Central City's winter campaign, Winterlicious, will be a key tool to continue to promote the city centre during the continuing COVID recovery. We encourage businesses from all industries to take part in the promotion by putting forward their products and services that align with the campaign.

Our cool season campaign encourages locals and visitors to un-hibernate, get out and experience Launceston, even when the temperature drops. As a regional city in Tasmania we have a lot to offer during winter. From award winning restaurants, to cosy cafes, homewares stores and fashion boutiques, to spas that massage your troubles away, along with a calendar of varied and unique events. We have a lot to boast about here in Launceston, and we are helping you do just that, through our cool season campaign, Winterlicious.

With your help we are going to pull out all the bits that make people warm and fuzzy inside, the fun and quirky stuff, and the things that locals love. How can you get on board? Come up with something a little special and unique, it doesn't have to be much... maybe a comfort food filled menu, seasonal product launch, or a wintery event... it may even be something you already do. Whatever it is, we want to know about it and help you promote it to the rest of Tasmania!

un-hibernate this cool season

Get Involved

This is your opportunity to be part of our cool season campaign and have your business promoted, for free.

By getting your business involved with the Winterlicious campaign you will receive:

  • Promotion of your business featured in some of our advertising (this may include blogs, digital advertising, newspaper advertising, TV advertising, social media or included in PR/media opportunities)
  • A toolkit to use to further advertise your business during the campaign

Your business could be used in one or more of our Launceston Central City channels:

  • Facebook: 11,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 2,000+ followers
  • Newsletter: 2,000+ subscribers
  • Website: 3,000+ monthly visitors
  • Blog: 1,000+ monthly visitors

In addition to these channels, you could also be promoted through radio, TV, press, print and other digital advertising.

Involvement requirements:

  • Ensure that your listing on is up to date. If you have forgotten your log in details please contact us at and we can send you a password reset link. You can also submit any events and promotions you have through this login.
  • Submit a winter offer. It can be an existing offer, product or service that your business has, or it can be something completely new. As long as it aligns with the Winterlicious campaign we would love to feature it and help you promote your business, and Launceston Central City.
  • Agree to share Winterlicious content and messages. For this campaign to work we need your help to amplify the message and change local behaviours through giving reasons to un-hibernate in the city.
  • Have a COVID Safe Plan in place. For more information visit the Work Safe website.


This is your opportunity to nominate your business to be featured in our 2021 cool season campaign, Winterlicious

By registering you may be included in a TVC, blog, newspaper advertisement, story or other promotion during winter.

Through promoting unique and varied experiences, we aim to attract locals and visitors into the city centre, and encourage people to stay longer and do more while here... even in winter!