Join us and un-hibernate in the city...

Launceston Central City's cool season campaign, Winterlicious, has begun. 

Winterlicious will run from 1 June - 31 August 2021 with a suite of marketing and promotional activities aimed at sharing the events, experiences, offers and businesses in our City. The campaign will encourage locals to "un-hibernate in the city" and continue to support  businesses and their valued products and services during the cool season.

If you'd like to get involved with this year's promotion and get some extra advertising at no cost to put your business in the public spotlight, then take a look at the opportunities below or contact us by email,


Whether you are a beauty salon, cafe, homewares shop, gym, or consulting firm there are a number of ways you can get involved in Winterlicious and take the opportunity to reach a wider audience this winter. During June, July & August if you make a mean slice of cake, have a cool season offer, want to show some off a great winter only experience, have a unique winter product or services, or are taking the leap and hosting an event, there is an opportunity for your business to get some extra exposure when you need it most with Winterlicious...

1. Winter Guides

We want to show locals that winter in Launceston is just as good as summer [if not better], so we are putting together a number of guides in the format of blogs that will provide hints and tips for how to embrace winter and enjoy the season, frost and all! If you have an idea that will encourage locals to un-hibernate in the city or would like to be included in one of our Winter Guides, please get in touch by emailing

2. Cakealicious

In 2020 it was the humble toastie and in 2019 it was the hearty winter soup but this year we have hit the sweet spot in the search for Launceston Central City's best slice of cake. Running throughout the month of July, we are inviting you to put forward your best cake and prepare for battle. You will need to choose one cake flavour to put up as your Cakealicious entry that will be available daily during July. We will list your cake and business on our website where the public will be able to vote for their favourite! Toastalicious was very popular last year with the public so it's great opportunity to get your venue in the front of people's minds. Please email Madi, to register!

3. Special Events

The events space currently looks a little different, however we have seen a number of individuals and businesses do some cool stuff virtually and smaller scale events such as Stelo's Oscura. So, if you are planning to hold a small event, then we'd love to help bring your idea to life and promote it. From cooking shows, to live music, networking, long table dinners and everything in between - if you're putting on a show please let us know and we will be more than happy to share it to a wider audience by emailing us at

4. Share Your Content

If your business has something you think people want to hear about but it doesn't fit into the 3 options above, then send it through to us and we can share it across our social media accounts. Simply email us at or fill out the Content Submission Form here.