Exciting times in the centre of the city as vacancy rates hit a dramatic low; NORTH festival has begun and the AGM is coming soon...

Hello Members,

October is shaping up to be a huge month for Launceston central city as we see the continued expansion of new retailers and services, as well as all the exciting events happening as part of the NORTH festival. We are also coming up to our AGM and board elections, so it really is a busy time of year. 

City news

I am losing count of how many wonderful developments, shop renovations and arrivals and positive public following and feedback we are getting at the moment about the city. Thanks to all of you working so hard and providing exceptional customer service and products, we have had so much to promote through our channels to the public and more and more people are signing up for our newsletter and following our social media to find out more. There are still many post COVID challenges, but so much good that is happening too. 

Thanks to all of you who put in your thoughts to City of Launceston in regard to the St John St/Paterson St development too. 

Hopefully you saw the article in the Examiner announcing that we currently have the lowest amount of empty shop fronts since COVID and it is as low as it has been for 7 years. Great news for the city, with rumours of more stores and more store openings ahead too.

AGM and board elections - IMPORTANT

Board elections are currently open. There are 8 candidates standing for 4 vacant board positions. You should have received your invitation to vote by email, and also an invitation to RSVP to the AGM on Monday 25th if you would like to attend. Please let us know if you have not received these documents. AGM details are below. We encourage you all to vote – it is so important that we have a strong, engaged board to see us through the changes and restructure that we have ahead.

NORTH Festival Launch

First, thank you to everyone that has been supporting our NORTH festival by putting up posters, and congratulations to the members participating in the festival. 

When we first came up with the idea for NORTH – an urban food festival focusing on our existing members and venues, we anticipated around 10-12 events and menus. Giving them the opportunity to get creative and produce an event or special menu that showcased why Northern Tasmania is becoming so well known for it’s outstanding food culture. The festival launched yesterday with over 30 venues hosting over 50 events or menus in the coming fortnight. Filling up times of the week that can be traditionally quiet and bringing people into the city on week days, weekends, for nights and lunches, we are thrilled to be putting on this inaugural urban food festival.

We have social media influencers, national journalists and many local VIP’s attending the festival so the coverage is outstanding and all great exposure for our great city centre.

The launch was a fabulous event last night and if that is the standard of the food and entertainment then we are in for a great fortnight. Please tell all your customers about it. 

Many events have sold out – congratulations to them – but some have tickets still available so please support your fellow members and pop along to an event such as a tea tasting at Cocoon, try the Philippino menu at Devil’s door, head to the Graingrocers 41 degrees south salmon tasting, buy a ticket for the Adam’s distillery tasting at The Barrel Collective or book a Sips of the North tour. Great excuse for a team lunch or night out with friends. Check out the full program here.  

Cityprom review news

A full day workshop will be taking place next week regarding the future roles and responsibilities of Cityprom. This will be a big step forward in the process and enable the newly formed board, post AGM to start planning the changes for 2022. I will continue to forward details and decisions as I have them.

Great Regional Cities Challenge

There are a couple of city based projects that would be great to see happen in this initiative. A mural and a push for greening Launceston. I encourage you all to see the link in the newsletter and put in your vote so these projects that benefit the city receive their bid for funding. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your Precinct Champion with any ideas or feedback. 

We have all the planning for our Christmas activations in place and are now executing the marketing, promotions and plans, so watch out for more news on this in early November. Get your windows ready as the best dressed Christmas window comp will be back again. 

Wishing you all the best as summer slowly approaches,

Amanda McEvoy

Executive Officer,

Cityprom Launceston Central City

It's a busy time of year as we count down to summer...