How to report a noise disturbance

Busking volume: An update

The busking program is a vital part of city centre vibrancy in Launceston and we are lucky to have some great talent performing on our streets.

Cityprom is always advertising and seeking musicians, street artists and performers to maintain variety and promote local talent. All registered buskers hold a licence and sign a busking code of conduct which outlines the rules on volume outlined below.

On occasion, buskers may exceed reasonable volume levels and sometimes these performers are unauthorised and do not hold a busking licence. We rely on your help to report any issues, and, working with City of Launceston, we have included a step by step process on reporting any issues below.

lively street culture and vibrancy in our city centre

A note on noise

Busking activity in Launceston Central City should operate at a level so that the sound:

  • Is not intrusive above background levels to the degree that a passer-by would have to strain their voice to be heard above the sound.

  • The sound from a busking performance shall at no time disrupt business trading including retail and dining establishments, affect workplace performance or detract from public amenity.

  • Busking sessions run daily between 11.00am - 1.00pm and 1.00pm - 3.00pm. Please contact the Cityprom office if you witness anyone performing outside of these times.

What to do to report a noise disturbance:

In the event that a busking performance is excessively loud. City of Launceston work with us to handle any noise complaints in our absence or out of weekday business hours.

Step 1

Contact Cityprom. Ph. 03 6334 3321.*

One of our team will attend to check noise levels and ask the busker to reduce their volume if necessary. *Please note that our office is open Monday to Friday and is not always manned. If no one is available to take your call, please follow Step 2.

Step 2

Report your noise disturbance to City of Launceston Customer Service Department. Ph. 03 6323 3000. Your complaint will then be allocated to the relevant officer to address.

We hope that this process will ensure that busking can continue to provide vibrancy to the city, without negatively impacting your business.

Please get in touch if you have feedback or suggestions regarding the busking program, by emailing or phone 03 6334 3321.

- Amanda and the Cityprom team