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Help promote our city by downloading and using the Love Launnie Toolkit

The Toolkit

If you Love Launnie and want to help spread the word, then this campaign was built for you! Let's get started by downloading all the resources you need to apply Love Launnie to your own brand and marketing.

Accessing the toolkit is free of charge, and it will help you boost your brand and Launnie's image - which is a win for everyone!

By downloading the Love Launnie Toolkit you will get access to:

  • The campaign overview defining the reasons why we have created Love Launnie as a shareable brand and how we will use it to promote Launceston Central City.
  • A guide on logo usage, outlining the ways in which you can use Love Launnie to align to your own brand and marketing, as well as ways to share the love on social media.
  • Love Launnie logos so that you can easily apply the brand to your own marketing and communications.
  • The Love Launnie fonts giving you the option to adjust the logo to suit your business, community group or sporting club.
  • Some social media resources including a profile image frame and story graphics to further spread the Launnie love.

By accessing the Love Launnie Toolkit below you agree to our Terms of Use.

Access the Love Launnie Toolkit

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