Launceston’s Secret Sunday night Speakeasy is hidden. Liquid flames flickering from hand to hand. May - August embrace the dark, the oscura.

OSCURA, dark.

Launceston’s Secret Sunday night Speakeasy is hidden.

A map will lead to a dim-lit doorway providing access to a backstreet snug that only locals know.

A world welcomes you. Freezing cheeks stinging from the warmth. Ears woken by brass, swing and glasses clinking. Eyes widen to the flickering candles and lamplight.

The beating heart of the bar draws you closer. The dapper bar folk brows bead from vigorous energy and focus. There’s a whole lot of shaking going on. You’re spotted! A grin, a drink list in your hand, followed by a quick nod to the lounge.

A dark, cosy corner calls you. Leaning to the lamp to see your list and pick your poison.

Silence is hard, Speakeasy.

The offering

OSCURA is presented by the Bar Team and Snack Section of Stelo at Pierre's. They have been handed the keys. As our favourite prohibition woman Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan said, "Hello Suckers!"

  • Prohibition inspired cocktails
  • Limited release Tasmanian Wines
  • Local brews
  • Stelo snacks

Tickets are limited and best pre-booked to help with COVID-safe practices. Click here for tickets.

Event Date

20 Jun 2021