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To help share some of the Launnie love, Launceston Central City are running a number of promotions and competitions for you to jump on board, with the chance to WIN some amazing prizes. 

See below for our current Love Launnie competitions and promotions.

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Snap, Share, WIN

Use the hashtag #lovelaunnie to share what you Love about Launnie for a chance to WIN!

We love seeing the Launnie love being shared and we want you to share what you love by:

  1. SNAP: Take a photo of something you love about Launnie whether it is a place, person, bite to eat, artwork... anything!
  2. SHARE: Tag your image on social media (Facebook or Instagram) using #lovelaunnie and be sure to share what it is you love about Launnie.
  3. WIN: We will be checking the #lovelaunnie tag frequently to hand out prizes donated by businesses in Launceston Central City.

We will be giving away spot prizes, so get snapping!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Write and WIN

Want the chance to share your Love Launnie stories and win some great prizes?

We are on the hunt for some great content that really showcases what Launceston is all about.

If you fancy yourself a wordsmith or just have something you'd really love to share. Send it to us and if we use it in one of our blog posts we will send you a voucher to spend with a business of your choice!

Send in your story via the the contact form or email it to

*Terms and conditions apply.

We want to hear what you love about Launnie...

So, share your Launnie love stories with us via our website and social media pages.



It's the age old debate... so in 2020 we ruffled some feathers by stirring up that old chestnut again. On our social media pages we enticed locals to cast their vote with a competition and...


Launceston loves Launnie! 

The results are in: 

Launnie... 75%

Lonnie... 19%

Launny... 4%

Lonny... 2%