WINTERLICIOUS | Launceston Central City

Feel the Warmth this Winter

Winterlicious is about finding and celebrating the warmth in Launceston Central City during the cooler months of the year.

We do things differently in Launceston, and winter is no exception. Here we embrace the season, the unexpected and stunning quirks of winter. There is something in the crisp air that brings life to the city, so come join us and un-hibernate in the city. 

What you do, well that’s up to you but we have some tips and tricks for your best winter yet…

This is everyone's opportunity to create a welcoming winter city!

How to play your part?

Be an advocate for Winterlicious in your workplace, among your friends and family. Rug up, get out and participate in regular activities and un-hibernate in the City. Continue to engage with local businesses despite the chill in the air, this is just one of the many ways you can help increase the vibe in Launceston Central City this season.

Throw on a coat and become a visitor in your own city with so many new things to explore; seasonal produce and menus, pop-up stores, unique events, urban art trails and winter only experiences. Trust us, you'll feel good and even better knowing you are supporting local businesses. Think of hearty meals, whisky and wine, cosy winter fashion, the sounds of a crackling fire and laughter. So what are you waiting for? Dress for the weather, gather the troops and jump head first into winter like a true Launceston local…

Are you ready to Feel the Warmth?

It is more of a feeling than a thing, this is the atmosphere and ambiance that Winterlicious brings to Launceston Central City each winter. It’s about finding moments to celebrate and break up the winter months, brighten moods and increase enjoyment. Getting out and spending time in the city with friends and family is a common way to live by the Winterlicious principles. There are so many things to see, hear, taste, taste smell and touch in Launceston this winter, share the feeling and create energy in the city.

Let’s discover all the things to do in Launceston this season with winterlicious.