WINTERLICIOUS | a season for the senses

Feed your winter curiosity…

Winterlicious is about finding and celebrating the warmth in Launceston Central City during the cooler months of the year. There are so many beautiful things about winter; crisp air, evening lights, rugging-up, hot chocolate and puppies in colourful sweaters. Embrace the cooler months; there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong jacket…

Places like Denmark are not exactly known for their scorching temperatures, with some months getting to as low as -20 degrees. The Danes remain amongst the most cheerful people in the world, but why? They live by Hygge (pronounced /hue-guh/).

This is everyone's opportunity to create a vibrant winter city!


“The true essence of Hygge is the pursuit of everyday happiness" (The Little Book of Hygge). It is more of a feeling than a thing, this is the atmosphere and vibe that Winterlicious will bring to Launceston Central City each winter. It’s about finding moments to celebrate to break up the winter months, brighten moods and increase enjoyment. Getting out and spending time in the city with friends and family is a common way to live by the Winterlicious vibe. There are so many things to see, hear, taste, taste smell and touch in Launceston this winter, share the feeling and create energy in the city.

How to play your part?

Be an advocate for Winterlicious in your workplace, among your friends and family. Rug up, get outside and participate in regular activities and engage with local businesses despite the chill in the air, this is just one of the many ways you can help increase the vibe in Launceston Central City this season.

Let’s discover all the things to do in Launceston this season with winterlicious.