What is Love Launnie?

We Love Launnie and we know you love it too, that’s why we have developed a brand and campaign brimming with positivity to take us forward as a city and build upon our strengths, and love.

Love Launnie will be used by Launceston Central City to promote our beautiful city centre and businesses. We invite you to use Love Launnie to promote Launceston to the rest of the world, by telling everyone what you love about your city and home. You can do this through your business or your everyday life by sharing what makes Launnie special and unique; you can do this by telling your business’ story, your journey and the things you love that make this city home.

There’s more to love… we want you to uncover and share what it is that you love about Launnie and inspire others to Love Launnie too.

Who is it for?

This website is for anyone that wants to use the Love Launnie brand to promote Launceston, their business or community group or anyone who wants to share their love for Launnie.

When you download the Love Launnie Toolkit you will have a number of resources to apply Love Launnie to your own brand and marketing. You can also apply the brand to your everyday life by putting a bumper sticker on your car, using the hashtag #lovelaunnie or sharing this website with your friends and family.

How can you get involved?

Download the Love Launnie Toolkit and get involved today. Share what you love about Launnie and inspire others to love this city, too!

Share your Launnie Love Story...

We want to know all the things, big and small that you love about Launnie so we can help inspire others to love it, too.

Share your favourite experiences, places and faces with us by tagging @ltoncentralcity or #LoveLaunnie on Facebook and Instagram.

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